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Europe: A Mission Misunderstood

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Are you living your dreams abroad?

Europe: A Mission Mis-understood presents the true life of Africans in Europe, and some of the untold stories. It defines who an average black man is, where they came from, the status of the current European society, how far Africans have come, what hope the future holds for them, how they need to re-think and many more. You will get to know more as you read through to get the true experience.

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My brief philosophy

The purpose of every journey must be defined because when purpose is not known, abuse becomes inevitable. Many people who travelled were either misinformed or were not informed at all. Be well informed before you leave your country irrecpective of your present situation.

The unplanned journey that most Africans embarked on has brought pains, depression, loneliness, regret, gray hairs at young age, and worst of all loss of faith in their religious beliefs even when some succeeded in making money through several means.
Many died on the way; some are still stranded while a lot more are languishing in jail.

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Eddy Duru

Author, Europe: Mission Misunderstood

(Sharing Migration Experience)